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Become a Firefighter/EMT 

About the Job


Once released, those with career fire rescue experience can expect to make between $46,305 - $77,445* (depending on experience level).   


Individuals entering the fire service without prior career experience will have a salary of $44,100 during recruit school, with a 5% increase to $46,305 once released.*


*Includes 4% increase pending Board of Supervisors approval of FY23 Budget.


We offer stipends for ALS, Degree, Driver Pump Operator, HazMat, and Technical Rescue. 

Please reach out to workforacfr@albemarle.org  to discuss your specific experience levels to determine the most accurate pay rate.

What to Expect


To become a career FF/EMT, you will be tested in several areas prior to being accepted into the recruit school. This process includes an exam which covers reading ability, mathematical reasoning, map reading, writing ability, human relations and reasoning skills. As well as a physical ability test, interviews, and a background check.


A successful candidate must be prepared both mentally and physically.

In addition, applicants must be at least 18 years of age and have a high school diploma, or GED, and valid driver's license for at least two years.


Experienced providers:


Applications will be accepted between April 1 – May 1, recruit school starting September 2022.


Selected recruits with Firefighter/EMS experience will participate in a 10-week paid school to ensure success with our department.


No prior fire rescue experience:


The timeline for the no prior fire rescue experience program is being updated.


We will train you! We are looking for passionate team players from all backgrounds and experiences. Selected recruits will participate in a 24-week paid school to learn the essential skills and knowledge for the job. 


Albemarle County Fire Rescue is a progressive and innovative combination department matching its growth with that of our dynamic and diverse county. Made up of both career and volunteer members, we provide fire, rescue, and emergency medical services for 112,000+ residents over 726 square miles of urban and rural areas from 14 stations equipped with modern equipment, apparatus, and fitness facilities.



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460 Stagecoach Rd Ste. F, 

Charlottesville, VA 22902


Tel: 434-296-5833

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