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Starting salary (following recruit training) $42,004 - $70,251 once released as FF/EMT in our system (depending on experience level).  We also offer an ALS stipend of $8500 and a career development program with stipends for DPO, HAZMAT, and TRT.  College degree incentives also offered, $1000 for Associates degree, $2000 for Bachelors degree. WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS, but please check back regularly for updates!



18 years of age, High school diploma or GED, and valid driver's license for at least  2 years. All candidates need to successfully complete written and physical ability testing, interviews, and a background check (for more info click here) prior to being hired. Fire academy will last 24 weeks. Upon graduation you will be a state certified Firefighter EMT-Basic Level. Advanced training  including tuition  reimbursement for paramedic program is available.

Prepare for Testing

In order to become a career firefighter EMT you will be tested in many areas prior to being accepted into the Fire Academy. These areas include, a high school equivalency exam, a physical ability test, and a personality and interview skills assessment. In order to be successful throughout the testing process you will need to prepare both mentally and physically. Please watch and review everything on the "Test Resources Page" in order to strengthen your skills.


Albemarle County Fire Rescue is a combination department, made up of both career and volunteer members, which provides fire, rescue, and emergency medical services for 105,000 residents over 726 square miles. Our staffing consists of 150 career personnel countywide with response areas that are urban and rural. Albemarle County has 14 Fire/EMS stations equipped with modern equipment, apparatus, and fitness facilities.



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460 Stagecoach Rd Ste. F, 

Charlottesville, VA 22902

Tel: 434-296-5833

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