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Albemarle County Fire Rescue is a combination department, made up of both career and volunteer members, which provides emergency fire, rescue, and medical services for 105,000 residents and 726 square miles of land. Our staffing consists of 120 career personnel countywide with response areas that are urban and rural. Albemarle County has 14 Fire/EMS stations equipped with modern equipment, apparatus, and fitness facilities.

Dan Eggleston 
Fire Rescue Chief ACFR

Chief Dan Eggleston is the leader of our department.  He has an extensive education including AAS Degree in Engineering, a BS degree in business, and an MS degree in Emergency Management from the University of Richmond. Chief Eggleston is ultimately the man who will be hiring you.

Meade Whitaker
BC Recruitment

Battalion Chief Meade Whitaker has over 20 years in the fire service and is one of our most decorated officers. He will be your primary contact throughout the recruitment and hiring process and is happy to answer any questions you may have. Connect with Chief Whitaker by clicking here.

Dan Spearin
Fitness Trainer

Captain Dan Spearin is a certified fitness trainer in addition to being an ultra marathoner and one of our most experienced Captains. He also leads our in house Mountain Biking Program. He will help you achieve new high levels of fitness in Fire Academy.

Tate McCraken 
Recruit Instructor

Firefighter Paramedic Tate McCraken has one of the best personalities of any instructor around. He is a funny lighthearted guy who loves the fire service. As your primary leader in the Fire Academy he will guide you to become a certified Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician.