Firefighter EMT

The Firefighter EMT is the life blood of ACFR. This is where everyone begins and where you will experience fire and EMS calls for the first time. Your primary responsibilities will be driving the ambulance, basic emergency medical treatment of patients, assisting Paramedics, fighting fire with a hose line and providing public education.

Driver Pump Operator (DPO)

The Driver Pump Operator is the person behind the wheel of the fire engine. Your primary role is driving the crew to and from all incidents safely. You will also be responsible for securing and blocking roadways while crews work on scene. On a fire scene you are pumping water from the engine to all the fire hoses. Normally you will have 2-3 years on the job to achieve this level. 


The Paramedic is the primary care provider to patients in the field. In other words, you are the "right-hand" of the doctor at the hospital until the patient arrives to the ER. Primary responsibilities are diagnosing injury or illness and treating life threatening problems with medications in order to get people to the hospital for further care. Normally you will have 2-3 years on the job to achieve this level. 


The Officer is the man or woman in charge of the incident and the crew leader on the ground. This persons job is to keep everyone safe. Primary responsibilities are deciding what resources are needed, mitigating tasks, directing crew members, and updating everyone on the radio. A minimum of 6 years on the job is required along with specific training classes and passing the promotion process.